Thursday, April 14, 2011

Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong

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Anyway there's an article called Lance Armstrong's Endgame in Bicycling by Bill Strickland in which he suspects that Armstrong did use performance enhancing drugs. He didn't have any evidence BTW or even anything new, just a feeling about it. They were talking about this and the Barry Bonds trial on NPR the other day. One caller asked why they are spending so much money on Bonds,. as if it didn't matter. Another caller thought they should leave Armstrong alone because he's done so much good for cancer patients..

Well here's why I think it matters.. If someone like Marrion Jones wins a gold medal in the Olympics by cheating she has denied someone else who might have been clean the honest fame wealth and career, and they might never get another chance.

If we have to cheat at sports, then heaven help us. It goes to the core of our morality as a society.


Jules said...

Cheating at anything is wrong and is obviously unfair and immoral. It's too bad there was ever the invention of the performance enhancing drugs. How can people who cheat to win something even really appreciate what they've been awarded? I'd be too guilty to enjoy the "accomplishment".

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don said...

I think there's a culture at least in cycling that everyone is doing it so the real sport is in not getting caught.

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