Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shooting Stars, wild flowers

I have my own little patch of shooting star wild flowers at Flathead Lake in Montana. Well my mom and I do.. She said a bird must have brought the seed in because they aren't anywhere else around there that I've seen. None of the neighbors have them. They're sort of out of place there anyway. I've taken ownership of them because one time I mowed them down before they went to seed and my mom said that they might not come back as a result. So now every year make sure that they have gone to seed before I mow in that spot. Each year they come back to greet me, so each year I take their picture. They mark the arival of spring for me, at least in Montana at Flathead Lake.

This picture doesn't show how big the patch is. It's huge by shooting star standards, as they are very small flowers.

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Jules said...

That's just really beautiful.. the story and your fondness of them. They are really pretty little flowers and this photo is awesome!

don said...


Quiet Paths said...

Really just the perfect herald of spring. They must have come from on top the Cliff. We have them up at Proctor in places.

don said...

I've been on the top of Chief Cliff but it was years and years ago. There's probably some Bitteroots up there too, but they bloom later.