Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chief Cliff and Flathead Lake

Here's a picture of Chief Cliff above Flathead Lake in Montana. I only say all of that because someone might see this and not know what they are looking at. Anyway, I have this bad habit of taking pictures when there isn't enough light, but I thought the sky was interesting that night.

Summer has gone by all too quickly. Soon I'll drain the water pumps and winterize the cabin so the pipes won't freeze and get into the plumbing mind of my old man. I don't remember too many hot days at Flathead Lake when I was a kid. I don't remember the lake being warm very often either. Most of the warmth came from inside the cabin. Maybe that's why I long for cool weather anyway.

Soon all of the McMansions that now line the shores of Flathead Lake will stand vacant. I doubt very many of them will be winterized. I bet most of them will be heated all winter for no other reason than to keep their pipes from freezing.

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Jules said...

This post made me get all chocked up. I love the photo. And even on the coldest of days, those cabins your family occupies would be the warmest just because of the people inside.

don said...

Thank you, and the fire warms the place up too,. the popcorn maker and the stove.