Thursday, September 08, 2011

Wild Horse Island Juniper

This is the view from our recent hike on Wild Horse Island. We sat in the shade of the ubiquitous juniper tree at the top of the west side of the island.

And I recently had an encounter with the newest little wild horse on Wild Horse Island. They transplanted a mare on the island that was pregnant and this is the result. I think Juniper would be a good name for it.


Quiet Paths said...

I love that top photo; it is so quintessential wild horse. I was hoping you'd have one of the little pony! Juniper is the perfect name.

Jules said...

I think your photos are beautiful. Both of them. The mare would do well to have that name. Maybe you should suggest that to the powers that be. They'll write an article about it giving you credit for naming it.

Nothing beats that view of Flathead Lake.

don said...

QP,I have a few other pictures of Juniper but this is the first time we checked eachother out.

Jules, I don't know if wild horses get to have names, but it will always be Juniper to me.