Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Purcell Trench

When I go north to Canada I drive through the Purcell Trench which is a vast valley going north and south in the Idaho Panhandle. It's pretty amazing and these pictures don't really do it justice. Today there was a forest fire burning just to the west and it was creating a lot of forest fire smoke that was filling the valley.

The picture above is looking north into British Columbia, and the picture below is looking south into Idaho. That is forest fire smoke in the lower picture, not clouds. I had to drive into that and I'm getting over a cold. You should have heard me coughing! To get the full effect you can click on the pictures to make them bigger, but they still don't do that valley justice.


Jules said...

Excellent photos, HB. I love how the top photo flows from right to left to right etc. as the photo progresses. The amount of smoke there is incredible. I'm sure it would have really wreaked havoc on my lungs. :( Poor forest. Poor habitants. Poor travellers! Hope you are feeling physically better today. :*

don said...

It's really smokey here today and hot also.

Quiet Paths said...

Don, I sent you an email but I don't know if you saw it. We might not be able to make it on Sat. Our son's car was totaled by a Missoula city bus and we are dealing that. I don't want you waiting on us. Thanks for your tips on the Hobiecat. If we don't make it by noon to the lake maybe a rain check? Thanks

don said...

Oops, I never check that e-mail.. :)

The weather kind of turned anyway and it may or may not be good sailing. For sure you can have a rain check if you don't make it.