Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pictures from my trip to Canada

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Canada.

Abraham Lake

A vintage Chrysler. (Most people had nice new cars actually, I just liked the way this one looked.)

The view from East Glacier Lodge. You can't tell how windy it was in this picture, but it was really a blow.


Jules said...

Those photos are really great, HB! I love the angle of the Chrysler. You really snapped that just right. That forest photo is really great too. How come you started uploading your photos in the smaller size? Just curious. I noticed it a while back.

don said...

The file size depends on what computer I'm using and what photo I'm uploading. I always try to keep them around or below 300k or so.

Jules said...

I didn't mean file size. I meant when you upload a photo in blogger it gives you the option of doing small, medium or large. You've started choosing a smaller option there. :) I was just curious.

Jules said...

That pic of the car is just like the ones that artist had hanging for sale for $300 in the local cafe that I told you about. Maybe we should be selling our photography.

don said...

Probably should get an online way to do it. I've been asked a couple of times now for pics.