Saturday, September 17, 2011

Coffee's hot and the beer's cold

I thought the pattern on grandpa's old chair matched the curves on my mandolin as the sun peeked into the cabin. Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast with plenty of hot sauce. Fall seems to have found its way into Montana now. Might be a good day to just sit around and play the darn thing. It's not quite cold enough for me to want a fire, but maybe later. Coffee's hot and the beer's cold..

Hey, that would be a good title for a song..

Coffee's hot and the beer's cold,
I just wish I'd never get old..

Um,.. well something like that..


Jules said...

I love that photograph.

Coffee's hot and the beer's cold,
I just wish I'd never get old,
Sun's come up and it's shining through,
Just 'bout time to try somethin' new,
Wonder what the day will bring,
Just wanna hear my mando sing,

Whatever comes my way today,
I'll know that the coffee's hot and the beer's cold.

don said...

Yee Haw! Well done!

Quiet Paths said...

You both are on the right track with this! :) Great shot. Nice instrument.

don said...

Thanks it's my new (used) mando. I googled those words and there's a coffee cold and beer hot song, but he got it backwards...