Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cool blog

Here is a blog you should check out. It is many things. Heartbreaking and heartwarming,. happy and sad,..hopeful and hopeless. It is the blog of a teenage girl in Mosul Iraq. I've been reading it for a long time and found it on the Guardian's blogroll, perhaps two years ago. I've never made a comment and I didn't ask if I could link to it so I hope she doesn't mind. (I don't have many readers anyway)

hnk's blog

Post Script. Wow, hnk came to my blog and made a comment. I never expected that. I really admire her. I wish the last thing I said about her blog was "hopeful." Because there is always hope. It is the thing that keeps me going. Knowing that there is such a wonderful young woman like hnk out there gives me hope in this world.


H.N.K said...

Of course I don't :)
In fact,I think it was really nice from you to put my link in your blog. I will certinly don't mind at all.
keep in touch and good bye

pc: you have a really nice pictures in your blog :) I like them .

don said...

Thanks hnk, I should have asked first. You are in my thoughts.