Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Down east in the west

If you have money and you come to Flathead lake, then please bring something like this with you. (forget about bronze elk) I don't mind looking at something like this. Of course only the very wealthy can afford one of these. It is a "down easter" Otherwise known as a lobster yacht. A boat design born out of the work boat of the north east coast and lobster fishing. This one is probably about 36 to 38 feet and it is probably the nicest boat I've ever seen on Flathead Lake. I've been watching the prices of these things and a 22 foot one with a small motor can set you back $45k. But this one is probably worth $250k or more. They will go over 30 knots.

It has been said that there are two things a man can love, a woman and a boat. I think this is in good taste. Unlike the bronze elk, but I'm probably blinded by love.

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