Wednesday, June 03, 2009

GM bankruptcy

This is an ad from a 1922 Chevy dealer catalog. They were trying to sell cars to farmers. There was sort of a fine line between cars and trucks back then. Now GM has been selling farm trucks to city folks, but I think the gig is finally up on that idea.

Mitt Romney was on the Today show with Matt Lauer this moring. Lauer gave credit to Romney for calling the impending bankruptcy of the auto industry. Well it might be that billions spent to float GM and Chrysler was intended to avoid a total melt down of our economy while everyone came to terms with bankruptcy, or to try and give it some time to find someone to step in and take over.

And who names their kid Mitt anyway?...! Don't get me wrong,.. I like Mitt Romney,. If only he didn't seem like a used car salesman..

I guess what really bothers me about GM and Chrysler, and Ford for that matter is they mananged to convince everyone to buy great big trucks and SUVs, and then loaded them up with every possible option and charged 30 to 40 grand for one. Way more than people need for transportation in an urban setting. Now even reasonable people think they can't get by without an SUV or Truck for their daily transportation.

It's no wonder the whole idea imploded when gas prices went up.


Diane said...

Mitt is kind of a funny name for a kid. When I was in Utah you can find all sorts of interesting names. Some of them were biblical or fake-biblically based but a lot of them were of the La-suffix variety. LaVerne, LaVelle, etc.
Mitt does seem like a used car salesman! Watch out he doesn't sell us a lemon!
I think the SUV is an appropriate symbol for the state of the American economy today.

don said...

I was informed that Mitt is nickname from his father's cousin.