Friday, June 12, 2009

Where's my camera ! ?

I freaked out today. My boss came into my cube and said "Don I have an assignment for you." She wanted me to go out and take pictures of the local area for a project. Where is my new Nikon?! It must be at home I thought...

I usually carry two camera bags with cameras in them to work. I almost never go anywhere without them. I had one bag with the little camera in it but I coudln't find the big one with the big camera. I'd been at home for lunch and went inside my house and left the windows of my car open. Did someone walk by and take my camera? I just didn't know. I remembered another artist at work had lost a camera out of his car.

At work, I'd parked my car under a tree for shade. Did I leave a door open? I did leave the windows down a little. I know that. Did I leave my camera in the car where someone could see it and take it?

We'd been picking things up off of the floor at work as we were going to have the carpet cleaned. I usually plop my camera bags down on the floor in my cube. I hauled stuff out of there did I haul off my camera and forget where I put it?

I drove home after work and looked around the house. No camera. Then I drove back to work. No camera.

I was sick about it. I started to think someone must have taken it out of my car when I left the windows down at lunch.

Then I thought about looking in my truck. Yesterday I'd taken my truck to a place to drop off a bunch of tree branches and then drove it to work. After work I'd gone to the store and covered up my camera bags with a vest so they wouldn't be seen in the cab. I was in a dark mood yesterday after work and stormed inside when I got home.

There it was in the cab of the truck. My new Nikon. What a relief. I think I'll sleep with it tonight.


Diane said...

Wow. Congratulations on finding your camera!

I've been having stuff like that happen with me. I won't remember where I packed or unpacked something and it takes me a while to figure it out.

I hope your pictures turn out great!

don said...

I was sure I'd lost it. Another artist lost his camera out of his car he thinks.

I can't tell you how happy I was to find it.

Jules said...

As long as you didn't make sweet looooove to it, I think we're still okay and can be friends... ;OP

don said...

It wasn't love,.. we just slept together.

I am very fond of it though.