Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wild Rose picture

I was taking a picture of wild roses and a bee swooped in to roll in the pollen.


Diane said...


Jules said...

Hmmm... our Albertan flower seems to be wandering. Give me that back, Sir!

Nice pic Don!!

don said...

Natural things are the most pretty I think Diane.

I like plants I don't have to fuss with anyway. These grow along the fence line and we just sort of coexist. It's a very low maintenance relationship.

I'd give them back to you Jules but I need them for my bee.

Jules said...

Have you named the bee? Kept tabs on it? Tagged it with some sort of little white leg bracelet?

Just wondering. No worries about the flower though... we've got plenty. ;O)

don said...

Its name is Beatrice..