Sunday, March 21, 2010

The last ski race

My friend Reinhard who is a really good ski racer, talked me into doing a giant slalom this weekend at Lookout. Well sort of... I wouldn't have done it if he hadn't as he had a flu and cough due to cold. We had to get up very early to travel and get there on time to register for the race. In a Giant Slalom there there are two runs and the lowest combined time wins.

Looking up the course from the bottom. The snow was frozen solid and perfect for racing.

Looking down from the top of the course. It's steeper than it looks even though this one is easier than usual.

That's Reinhard off in the distance in the blue. They are checking the timing and getting ready for the race.

I won my catagory and got the "gold" medal. There were only two people in my catagory and the other guy was a better skier, but he fell in the first run and had to hike back up to the gate where he fell. He coudln't make up that time in the second run so I won.. (I don't think it's really gold,..) but I'll take it!

That will be the end of my ski racing this year. A nice way to go out on. Still a few days of free skiing left.


Vixey said...

That's awesome Don. Congratulations!!

don said...

Thanks Vixey! I sort of won by default.. You have to finish though. That's something Reinhard taught me.

Jules said...

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't say how great you look in the photo, and how surprised I am to see you show your face on your blog!

Jules said...

Have I told you yet that I'm PROUD of you!! ;O)

I think that hill looks positively daunting and I admire your ability to stand at the top of it, look down and have the guts to go full force, all open, for a race to the finish. Good golly, you're brave!

Beautiful sunshiny day too.. looked perfect!

don said...

I know,. I've already thought about removing that pic.

Like I said, they guy who fell was a better skier and going for it more. I just wanted to make it to the finish. Something Reinhard taught me.

It really was a beautiful day, and after the awards in the bar I went back out for another hour of skiing. Some of the nicest skiing of the season.

Diane said...

That first photo is a great photo of you!

Good job being #1 that day!

don said...

Thanks, It was a lot of fun.

Quiet Paths said...

Many congratulations! Great skiing shots. They are almost as good as being there.... nearly, kind of.

don said...

Thank you! Glad you are back.

It was a beautiful day at Lookout and a very fun race course. I wish you could have been there. There are plans to expand Lookout from what I understand. It's only going to get better in the future!

What a great place to ski. I might ski there again before it is all over.