Sunday, March 14, 2010

Skiing pictures

Another beautiful day in the mountains. The wet heavy snow of yesterday gave way to soft fluffy snow today. Here are some Cyber Trees from today. I had to crop it in a little to give it that Sunday go to church feeling... I'm really going to miss ski season when it ends..

This person stuck their arm out at just the right time! :) I almost didn't take my camera with me after lunch. I realized I didn't have it and walked back to the car to get it. There's always something to take a picture of, I thought as I walked back to the car in the mud. And I NEVER go anywhere without my camera.. I don't even go to Walmart without my camera..


Diane said...

That guy is probably giving you the thumbs up! :D

That's a nice photo of the sunlight coming through the trees!

don said...

Thanks. Both of those pictures look way different on my other monitor.

Jules said...

Oh, glorious day!!! I love taking photos of sun through trees!! I never go anywhere without my camera either, hence why I'm so upset that I STILL haven't gotten it back yet!!!

Thank goodness for friends with loaners.

don said...

Thank goodness for friends.. :)

Jules said...

Indeed!! :O)

Diane said...

Have you ever seen the website, "People of Walmart"?

Scary, funny stuff.

And yes, thank goodness for friends! :)

don said...

I haven't seen that website but it sounds like my kind of page :)

I'll be checking that out.