Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shark attack of skiing

When you go surfing you have to watch out for shark attacks. But when you go skiing it's much worse. Wild turkey attacks are on the rise. And they single out people in Hyundais. If you drive a Hyundai, try to make it look like you're drving a Honda. The wild turkey has spotted me and is charging!

He's singled me out.. They get in front of your Hyundai and won't let you go. "Whatcha gonna do don!" The wild turkey taunts me... He wants my bird feed, credit cards and cell phone... If this happens, lock the doors and roll up the windows. Whatever you do, don't get out!

He has me right where he wants me!

The last thing you see before they peck is that eye...


Jules said...

Vicious creatures!!!

don said...

Yes they are...!

Diane said...


He gives you the eye because he wants to make sure you're watching. :P

How'd you escape?

don said...

I had to get out and chase him off, and then jump back in my car and drive off before he could get back in front of it again.