Friday, March 05, 2010


This squirrel checked me out yesterday as I made my way through its forest home. We were both enjoying the morning sunshine. The forest is starting to come alive due to a short warm winter.


Diane said...

That is awesome Don!

I love watching squirrels and birds. They are so cute.

Did this one chitter at you?

don said...

No it didn't bark at me. First it just foze there trying not to be noticed and then it tried to sneak down the tree while coming out to get a look at me now and then. It got to the bottom in little spurts and then it scampered away on the forest floor. I kind of goofed up its sunbath.

Jules said...

Our forests are waking up too, slowly but surely now that the river is thawing too.. more and more animals and birds are coming around/waking up. On my walk with N the other day, either 1 squirrel that was following us or 2 seperate ones chittered at us. N loved it! Beautiful photo!

don said...

I was a little close to this one for it to sound off.