Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Wild Turkey

What's that song?...

Wild wild turkeys,
Couldn't drag me away..

But this one tried to pick a fight with my Hyundai. I really need to get a bigger car... But it was me he really wanted.. He got in front of my car and wasn't about to let me leave. I honked and he just gobbeled back at me. I tried to get away once and he chased me down. I was afraid I'd run over him and really be the bad guy. I finally had to get out and shoo him away and he still chased me as I drove away.

I was attacked by an EVIL GROUSE back in 2008. That was bad enough, and now this..

I'm just not in harmony with nature, that's all.. This is a bad sign anyway. You know it's gotten pretty bad when even the turkeys are against you.


Jules said...

Animal attraction?? Primal urges of the turkey? Case of mistaken identity? A distant relative of the grouse with whom this turkey's hatched an evil conspiracy against all small silver cars? An alien attack on our planet starting in the states.. the only form they could assume was ugly turkeys?

Whatever the reasoning, it put a smile on my face. Thanks for that.

Jules said...

Plus, the house on that hill is really bizarre and makes my mind happy, trying to figure out what it looks like inside.

don said...

It's me they are after.

That house is tall and narrow because it's built on a really steep and small piece of land. The hillside really falls away there. It's cool though as long as you don't mind stairs.

Diane said...

I think some Tom turkeys are just jerks. :P

We used to have chickens; the roosters get really violent and territorial. I'm sure you're not the first person that gobbler tried to intimidate.

don said...

You're right. It had been going after a few small cars.

I guess I could go turkey hunting in the Hyundai. It's a turkey magnet.

Vixey said...

Maybe it was turkey pms (guys get it too.) lol
Or maybe it was jealous cause you're better looking. :-)

At any rate... That's funny. Glad you survived.

don said...

Well I don't think that one has PMS. He just has an attitude. But I think he's a pretty good looking bird. Would look better in my smoker though.