Saturday, December 06, 2008

Forgotten groceries at Safeway

I went to Safeway last night after work to pay very high prices for a few things. Broccoli, skim milk, a bagel, a chicken, and some eggs. I got home and couldn't find the eggs. Well in the morning I really wanted to make a poached egg. I couldn't find the eggs. I looked everywhere. So I ate the bagel.

Well what it was, I left without them from the store. You'd think they'd run me down. I only had a few things. I took everythig the guy put where I could get it. I didn't bother to take an inventory... I thought perhaps it's a sign. I shouldn't eat eggs I thought,.. But I got to thinking about it and I really wanted them. I could make egg salad or something... So today I went back to Safeway and asked them If I'd left them. The same guy was there at the express lane and he remembered me not taking the eggs. I had to go to a different counter and another guy would check this list. My eggs were on the list.

I had to go to the back of the store and select another dozen. They could have sent someone to go and get them for me but no.. At least they gave them to me but I really feel the fault was with the checker for the way he put them in the bags and then not making sure I got them. I took what was presented to me and I just thought everything was in there as there weren't that many things.

Here's the deal, there were lots of things on the list before and after my eggs. So how could it just be me? Do that many people forget to take the stuff they pay so much money for, or do they fail to package and send you off with it properly? It sounds to me like Safeway has a process problem that works in their favor. And it wasn't like "We are very sorry Mr. Don." it was more like "Did you forget your eggs?"..


Anonymous said...

Do you bag your own at Safeway or do they have baggers? In Europe it's always bag-your-own and I always have a bit of culture shock when I go home and the cashier or bagger insists on bagging my groceries. That said I manage to forget something when bagging my own at least once every couple of months.

Here in Sweden they seem to have a different supermarket scam, which shocks me because Swedes are so non-scammy in general. They'll advertise something as on sale with your bonus card, but then when you buy it the discount doesn't register. When you complain they give you your money back right quick, but I think they are counting on most people not looking at their receipt and not complaining. I have gotten good at checking and complaining in my bad Swedish. :-)

don said...

I went through the express lane and the guy was bagging for me in those plastic bags. Then he'd put it in a place where I could take it. There were white plastic bags everywhere and I must not have seen it, or he didn't take it off of the wire thing when we made the transaction. I think he didn't put it out there for me because I took everything presented to me.

I have three canvas re-usable grocery bags but I forgot to take one in with me. I've always hated those plastic bags so I've been making the transition to the re-usable ones but it's not habbit yet. I always remember after I'm in the store. Perhaps this will help me to remember.