Monday, December 29, 2008

If it ever stops snowing

Every night I shovel snow for a couple of hours. The same job over and over. I guess the up-side is that if it ever stops snowing I can go skiing. But right now I can't get there. It's getting a little depressing. Everyone just wants it to stop for a while . This is how it looked on my way to work today. The snow was finally replaced this afternoon by high winds and the forecast calls for more snow each day.

I changed the blog header to reflect the mood. My neighborhood might be snowed in until spring... I hope we don't start eating eachother...


Diane said...

Aw. I like the new blog header. It's very wintery!

I hope you have had some nice skiing days recently!

don said...

We are finally getting in the national news due to all of the record snow and all of the roofs falling in. There's almost as much in town as there is up on the ski slopes. The slopes can use some more but it's a good start to the season considering that just a few weeks ago there was almost no snow in the mountains. I woke up to another 6 inches this morning so I'll have to shovel my driveway again.