Thursday, December 18, 2008

I can dig it

It snowed most of the day here today. There was too much snow really to drive a car around. The snow was just too deep. When it gets up to the body of the car it is just too deep. So after I dug myself out of my house I chained up my van which has more clearance and went to work. Why we opened I don't know as they were telling everyone to stay home. Cars were stuck everywhere. Even four wheel drives were stuck. You really needed chains or a monster truck to get around. Quite a few people have moster trucks actually but even they were having problems.

This is a picture of our parking lot at work today, a common scene. I just looked outside and it's still snowing and blowing. I'll have to dig out tomorrow again. The up-side to this is that I'll be skiing soon. I can already XC ski right from my house which I intend to do this weekend.


Diane said...

Oh it looks so cold! :(

That is a lot of snow. I hope those guys were able to get the car going!

don said...

They got it out but I'm sure it just got stuck somwhere else. Those are some of our printing guys.