Sunday, December 14, 2008

Birds of Prey crash

Ski season has started and today I watched what little coverage we will get here in the states of the World Cup and the US ski team. It's sad as we have such a good team this year and we won't get to watch much of it on TV. Here's a picture I took of my TV and one of our US Ski Team guys crashing on the Birds of Prey downhill. I'm sorry that I don't remember who this is but it isn't Bodie Miller. (it kind of looks like me :) Miller crashed too but went straight down after catching his tip on a gate. It looked like this guy only scratched his nose after crashing into the netting going perhaps 75 mph or more.

We haven't gotten much snow here yet but I think this cold snap will have frozen what snow there was into a solid base to build on.

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