Sunday, December 14, 2008

The gesture of a shiver

I only left the house once yesterday. It has gotten really cold and windy. Around ten degrees or so I imagine and blow zero with the wind chill. I"m starting to get used to the cold now again but it took a while this year.

I left the house to go to the local grocery store operated by a guy from India and his family. I asume he's from India anyway. We've sort of become friends and he always seems happy to see me, although I suspect that not everyone here has been friendly to them.

We talked about the cold weather as I checked out with my groceries. He smiled and made the gesture of a shiver. I'm not exactly sure what he said other than it's cold, but there was warmth in his sheepish smile.


Jules said...

This post really touched my heart. Thank you for writing it!

don said...

I'm just spreading the warmth. :) I saw that it got a little cold up your way. Stay warm.