Sunday, July 23, 2006

Gay republican dies

Watched the final stage of the Tour de France this morning. I'd say Go Floyd but he's done going. Then I went out on my bike to the hills to some riding in the woods before it got really hot. The last time I heard it was 103 but I suspect that it has gotten a little hotter than that. Normal is 82, but we're really not normal here, I've always felt that. The asphalt is getting sticky so I'm inside, but I did manage 19 .3 miles before I stopped. It was actually quite comfortable up in the hills but when I decended back down to the valley the heat started to set in. The up-side to all of this heat is that my tomatoes are doing well. I planted Roma and.. well, round ones. I suck so bad when it comes to growing anything.

The environmentally conscious state of Idaho has issued a statment telling motorists to turn off their cars if they are going to idle for more than 30 seconds. I'm sure that is going to make a big difference in the air quality here. I'm sure people from Idaho are going to do this!. No emissions testing for north Idaho for cars. And this coming from a state where Helen Chenoweth's campaign slogan was "Earth First? hell yes, we'll log the other planets later!"

I forgot. No politics. But since I brought it up,.. Our beloved ex-mayor of Spokane, James West has died of cancer. I'ts sad. The republican anti-gay poliitcian who got caught in a sting soliciting sex in a gay chat room. He was forced out of office. The republicans didn't like him, the gays didn't like him. How can you screw up more than that? See,.. we aren't normal here. (NO I'M NOT GAY, despite being single, wearing spandex and having a cat) I'd have a dog but they don't manage their waste very well :) And it is sad about West. It's just pathetic.

I hope people don't confuse the world championship colors on my bike socks, but I'm sure they might. The bicycle world championship colors are in this order blue, red, black, yellow, green. I'm not man enough to wear a championship jersey. I would if I were world champion. But sadly I will never don that jersey,.. or, don will never wear the jersey, something like that. Out of respect for the sport. It's ok to wear the socks. Respect! I respect those who sport the ranbow for other reasons.

I once knew a republican who had a very nice boat and was into trout fishing. I wanted to make a decal for his boat that said. "Rainbow Trout Coalition", and put it on his boat without telling him. And while I'm thinking about boat names, republicans and cancer, one of the best boat names I've ever heard was "Sclerosis of the River".

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