Saturday, July 22, 2006

Landis will win TDF

Floyd Landis will win the Tour de France tomorrow. He pulled back the time he needed to on Pereiro and of course Sastre. But Pereiro had a great ride to hang onto second place in the tour. Kloden also had a great ride knocking out Sastre for third spot on the podium. Kloden looks so good on his bike. And we can't foget about Hontchar. He won both time trials for Ukraine. Leipheimer will end up in 13th posiiton. He won't be happy with that, but it is really a good finish.

So good for the bulldog Landis bad hip and all. They won't attack him tomorrow as they never attack the race leader on the last day. And I think we can be pretty sure he did it without the use of drugs.
After tomorrow the question remains, what in the world am I going to watch on TV? Guess I'll have to forget about the TV and get to know my bike a little better.

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