Thursday, July 20, 2006


Floyd Landis has put himself right back into the Tour de France. I had written him off as did everyone else. It's his first stage win. Nobody would have thought this possible.

So now the standings are like this. 1. Pereiro, 2. Sastre at :12 seconds back, 3. Landis :30 seconds back (with the help of :30 seconds of time bonuses) 4. Kloden still at 2:29 5. Evans the aussie at 3:08 6. Menchov had a hard day at 4:14 back and 7. The Frenchman Dessel who crashed on the final decent but got back up raced on is at 4:24.

Landis now has a real shot at winning the Tour de France and keeping the title for the USA. He only needed to be within 2 minutes going into the final time trial on Saturday. The big danger now for Landis, is to not miss a breakaway in tomorrows stage. T-Mobile with their strong team will be charging tomorrow. The race for the win will most likely come down to the final time trial on Saturday as they won't attack the leader on Sunday into Paris.

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