Tuesday, December 12, 2006


For some reason people have a need to decorate. They decorate their bodies with tattoos. They decorate their houses inside, and outside at Christmas, and they decorate their workstations or cubes at work. This post isn't intended to be about work except that I just got moved into a new office. I admit that I did have a framed poster and some photos in my old office.

I've come to think that people really over-do this workspace decoration as they do with their tattoos. It ends up being just clutter. Photos of everyone they know. All of their pets. Cartoons and photos out of the paper. Stuffed animals. Statement items. On and on and on.

I've been guilty of it. I used to have a small photo of Tonya Harding out of the paper up. Statement item. Don't know what the statement was. I don't like Tonya Harding. I don't support her. Don't really want to even think about her. It was like,.. Tonya Harding. Deal with it. If you come into my space I want you to think about Tonya Harding! What the heck?

I think part of it is a territorial thing. I can sort of understand that, but not really. All of that decoration is just clutter for the most part. If you want to clutter up your house then fine. But leave it at home.

So now I have this new office cubicle with a really big window. I'm going to keep it as free from clutter as possible. I have one very small class photo of Lizzie up on it. And that is it. It is so small on my cubicle wall that it becomes a statement item.

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