Friday, December 15, 2006

I have an attitude

My neighbor drinks Busch Beer. How do I know? All of his beer cans got blown into my yard last night during the high wind storm. You can tell alot about your neighbor from what kind of beer he drinks. And you would think he wouldn't put his trash out at night knowing a wind storm was coming. I live in a windy area anyway. And the wind always comes from the west when it blows. So I hate it when it's windy on Thursdays. I always end up with their trash. And do you think they would come and clean it up? Fat chance. They do have to look at my yard however. So they can just look it it full of their beer cans for a while.

So I've been a little negative and have an attitude. It's time to license my cat. Here is her ID. She has an attitude too. If you don't license your cat they can fine you $200.
Wen I came home for lunch my neighbors had picked up all of the beer cans except two of them. I honestly can't believe it. They never have cleaned up before and it happens all the time. Perhaps they are reading my blog. I can't believe some of the food they eat, the worst kind of boxed junk you can buy. I'm embarrassed to have the packaging blown into my yard. It really shouldn't be legal to sell the "food" that they eat, and feed their kids. And shame on the companies that make this junk.


Anonymous said...

Spunky looks like she has an attitude! :D

don said...

Spunky is a so called Hemingway cat. She is polydactyl as she has extra toes and claws. From what I understand about them, they do have an attitude and are known as fighters. When she was young she always had her ears folded back. I took her to the vet and they said "Oh you have a fightning cat". It's true. She likes to box and has a really good jab. I'm the only person she likes. But she will also attack me when she goes wild. But she is just playing, and does not draw blood. She could really hurt me if she wanted. She is really smart and a great cat. If I don't change her litter box soon enough, she will collect used dryer sheets and spead them out over her box. She always comes if I call her. Even if she is outside.

It took a long time for us to warm up to eachother. But now she will come up and kiss me if I ask her to.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of things people eat;

I heard on npr today, an interview with Eric Shlosser... (not sure of the last name spelling), but his book is titled: "Fast Food Nation". I was surprised to learn that when you order a burger from McDonalds, Burger King, etc.,in one single hamburger patty, you are actually eating ground beef from probably 1000 different steers. This is a result of the processing in meat packing industries. They are capable of putting out 1 million pounds of ground beef each day. Their process is so huge, they can literally ground thousands of animals at any one time. It increases the chances of contacting e-coli or salmonella.

After hearing him talk, I don't think I will ever eat fast food again... not that I do anyway.

don said...

I've heard about that movie and want to see it. Surprised that they are all steers. I would think that they would drag any old canner or cutter in,.. old milk cows and so on. When you get beef soup in a can, it is pretty low quality "beef".

Anonymous said...

So, my weird claim to fame:

Apparently, there's a news blurb in the Fast Food Nation movie with a white, blond newsguy. I used to date the newsguy. (Yes, he really does that for a living, and I think he's in Mississippi now)

I can't stomach fast food anymore. Except now one of my co-workers has me addicted to In-N-Out, which I guess isn't that bad, but it's still fast food.

don said...

I've got to see the movie now! But I'm not sure it is playing here. Too controversial here in the fast food belt.