Saturday, December 02, 2006

December cyber tree

Here is December's cyber tree. I realize that it is early to decide who will wear the crown. But there is so much snow that we need to celebrate a winner. The sky was deep blue above in the morning and riding the chair was like going into space. This photo is at about 6500 feet. If only the chair went a little higher.

After I got used to my skis again I decided to go to the back to checking out all of my favorite runs and see how the coverage is and such. I line up on one big jump and launch myself. No problem I float through the air and come down. Then when I land there is another little lip that I can't see below. When I get to the edge I see that there are rocks blow but it is too late. I push off to clear them and I get way more air than I wanted. I make it over the rocks but when I land both of my skis come off and I crash face forward. As I'm sliding to a stop, I take an inventory of my body and realize that my legs are ok. But I've hurt my left shoulder and hand. I have full range of motion in my arm so I'm probably ok.

I checked my camera to make sure it was still working. It was in my front chest pocket and the crash was pertty bad. What a great little camera. Bicycle log endorses the Nikon Cool Pix 5600. It takes a licking and keeps on clicking.


Anonymous said...

Miss December gets my vote (no offense to Miss November). In my opinion, nothing is more beautiful than a tree blanketed with snow.

Beautiful picture by the way. You could be the next Liebowitz. Treebowitz maybe.

don said...

Ha ha ha! Thanks! I'll post another photo for you. I wish you could have been there. If you like trees with snow on them then it is a great place to be. And thanks for stopping in.