Thursday, December 28, 2006

Trip to the dentist

I woke up this morning with a sore throat. Not a great big deal, but I still remember the cold I had last month that started with a sore throat. Plus today I had to go to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned.

I felt pretty horrible when I got to work. I'm sure my co-workers thought I was a totally sad and pathetic individual. So I did my first graphic job on the computer. I had to get a graphic file off another artist's computer who is on vacation and then took it back to my computer. I put it on a CD. I didn't want to take the chance to e-mail it to myself as there was so much junk in his e-mail.

While I worked I thought about my dental appointment. I kept looking at the phone. Finally I called the dentist. "I'd like to re-schedule my appointment." I said. "We usually want 48 hours notice." was the response. "I have a sore throat". I said. "the next opening I have is next Tuesday at 3:40." "Cool I'll take it." I said, and hung up the phone. Then I started to think. I had been taking cough dropps all monrning. And as the day went on, my throat started to feel better. So after lunch I called back and asked, "have you filled my spot yet" "No." "Ok, if you don't mind my sore throat then I'll come in." And so I did.

I have a love hate relationship with my dentist. He has come to know me and he knows how cheap I am. So I think I have him to the point that he is only doing work that is needed. Plus I'm such a wuss when it comes to the dentist. And my hygienist is also cool. She knows me even though we only see eachother every six months. I think dentists want to do something so they can make bucks.

The last time I was in I thought it would make a good photo for my blog. Looking up at the dentist. But I forgot even though I had my cameras out in my car. But next time I get my teeth cleaned I'm taking my camera. I'm going back in July.

No cavities by the way.


Anonymous said...

When I saw your post, it reminded me of an ad in the local paper for a dentist that said:
"We cater to cowards"

PS. Congratulations on "0 cavities"

PPS Hope you're feeling better.

don said...

You can't believe them if they say something like that. It's a trick. They just want to get you in the chair :) My dentist almost turns you upside down so you can't get away.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on zero cavities too!

I believe that the practice of dentistry involves a certain amount of sadism. I'll have to write about my wisdom-tooth extraction experience one of these days. Three hours for two teeth, under only local anesthetic. I was not a happy camper.

Sorry to hear about your sore throat. That's the worst part of being sick (in my book).

Anonymous said...

every time I make an dentist appointment, I get the flu or some other sickness and have to reschedule. It's happened the last three times. According to this schedule, my next flu is due in May.

don said...

diane,.. I have a wisdom tooth story too. Local also. At least that way you can monitor the situation. I really have to watch what my dentist does. (he's actually a really nice guy and a good dentist)

matilda jane,.. My next cold is scheduled for July 21. You have a cool blog by the way. Hope steve isn't sore :) I just couldn't help myself.