Sunday, December 17, 2006

Road trip

A road trip can do wonders for your mood. I've lost my bad attitude! Nothing like a cold winter night in the cabin with the fire going to warm your heart. I kept the fire going all night long. We have this wood from some big old elm trees that we cut down and it burns like coal. It isn't the crackling good smelling comfort fire that Douglas Fir makes, but it burns forever.

This morning I saw that it was getting light out so I jumped out of bed and went outside to watch the sunrise and take some snaps. There were a whole bunch of Canadian Geese floating around by the shore and as I walked down to photograph it pushed them out into the lake. (I realize they look like ducks in the photo, but they are geese.)

It was really cold as I went out onto the pier. My ears got cold. Here is a photo of what it looked like. (If you click on it, I left it bigger so you can see more what it looked like.)

Then I returned home and stopped at Lookout Pass on the border of Idaho and Montana to ski for a few hours. Here is a link to all of the ski areas in Montana. You can click on Lookout. I ski at Blacktail, Big Mountain, Snowbowl and Lookout.

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