Saturday, November 25, 2006

The buck stops here

Well the buck stops here, in Selah Washington. That little brown shop with the green roof is the taxidermy I chose to mount my deer. It was a 500 mile round trip to take it there, will cost 500 bucks to get it done, and it'll take over a year, probably about 500 days. That's how things work I guess. My friend has used this guy and he does nice work. He and his wife live in that white mobile home with their young son and yellow dog. Nice cowboy sort of fellow. He did properly measure it for me. It scored 125. Not enough to make it into the Washington record book. Has to be 130. What the heck.

First I had to go to Tri-Cities after eathing Thanksgiving dinner. When I got there I ate another Thanksgiving dinner and spent the night with a friend in his new house and then we went to Selah the next morning. Kind of got lost looking for this place but talked to an outfitter who pointed us in the right direction.

Then we ate lunch at Miner Burgers in Yakima. The Miner Burger is exactly like the cheese burger there. Same price and everything. Don't be fooled if you go there. Order the cheese burger. Both were like a Big Mac with a larger bun and more sauce. The cheese was clearly processed cheese that was just taken out of the plastic. I do have to give them credit for the fries. Not bad. And you could have fry sauce (ketchup and mayo) or cocktail sauce. Don't even think about mustard. I make better burgers BTW, so I don't get the whole big deal about Miner Burgers, but the place was packed. Very unhealthy but popular.

And I also noticed that Yakima is not a bicycle friendly town. It's not even a pedestrian friendly town. I didn't even see sidewalks downtown, let alone a bike path. And no planning when they decided where to put the streets. It was a friendly town however, as someone made the effort to put up a season's greetings sign over the road. I wish I had taken a photo of that. And there was another sign as we came into town that said "Yakima, the Palm Springs of the West." ? What? (Selah is just a couple of miles outside of Yakima.) Yakima is not the place for me. Neither is Palm Springs. Selah wasn't too bad however.

We then went back to the Tri Cities where we watched Gonzaga loose a basketball game with two other Hunt Club members, drank beer and wine and ate Pizza. The guy has an HD plasma TV in his new house so I had a nice stay, and my car had a nice garage to stay in.

I returned home this morning and removed the camper from my pickup, cleaned it all out and covered it with a tarp. It is supposed to snow tomorrow and is going to be really cold. I'll spend some time tomorrow splitting fire wood and then I'll hunker down for the storm. Oh yeah, I'm going to do some cooking. I'm getting worse than Paula! If I'm not eating, I'm cooking.

Hunt season is truly over now. I quarted and froze the deer, and took care of the head and horns. Camper is all put away. It's all behind me now. Time to get the skis out as all of the resorts are open. Got to burn off some of those calories!

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