Sunday, November 12, 2006

November cyber tree

I camped way up in the mountains this weekend with Hunt Club. Here is November's cyber tree photo. Last week I was watching a how to paint/ art show on TV. The instructor said not to center the subject. (It's ok if it's a cyber tree) Breaking all the rules here at bicycle log. Is there any risk I won't take?

The other trees thought Miss November was a slut for being photographed bare like this.

To some it's art, and to others it's pineography.


Anonymous said...

Nah, Miss November is just liberal minded. Especially when it's cold enough to have snow on the ground.

don said...

It didn't snow as much as they predicted. I had to chain my camper up in heavy wet snow. Had to remove a downed tree from the road, and when I got to camp everyone was in bed.

The photo is from the top of an old "selective cut" The lone tree was chosen to remain. But the
Forest Service does a nice job of re-planting. At least in this forest. Better than I've seen some private owners do.