Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dances with cats

When I first moved into my neighborhood, Samantha had just left me. Darrin and Samantha So I was a little lonely. I wanted a cat.

I have been told that my voice sounds like Kevin Costner's by a young checker gal at the grocery store. She really got off on this as she was a huge Costner fan. She was so cute, I just loved her. And she was right. I did sound like Kevin Costner come to think of it, especially if I tried. She made such a big deal out of my voice that I started to say lines from Dances with Wolves to her when I went to the store. I always tried to get in her line as it was so much fun. I'd say "Tatonga" (buffalo) for those who remember the movie. And I'd make little horns with my fingers, and she'd giggle out of control. Sometimes I would just walk by and just make the little horns with my fingers and she would laugh. It was a lot of fun for both of us.

Well when I moved into my neighborhood It was much like when Costner moved into native american terrritory in the movie Dances with Wolves. My neighbors would have to accept me in their land and they were stand-offish. Now and then I'd see them looking at me from a distance and I'd try to get their attention as if to say, "how are you?, I'm your neighbor, I'm friendly." But they would disappear.

I'd let my cat out into my yard so she could get to know where she was allowed to go. Then I'd have to chase her down to get her back inside. Now she comes when I call, but back then she was little, spunky and wild.

I remember one time I was chasing her around trying to catch her and I noticed that my neighbors were off in the distance looking at me. I looked back at them and waved. I could imagine what they were saying to eachother; "He dances with cats. Hmm..." Then they turned and left.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, but if I remember correctly, the Native Americans thought Costner was 'touched' and eventually allowed him into their society.

I liked Two Socks. Or maybe I'm just partial to wolves. I think it has something to do with their long legs; they make them look like puppies.

don said...

I'm still held up at the soldiers fort. The neighbors haven't made too many raids on me. I did some trading with one of them recently when they had a garage sale.

That was sad when they shot Two Socks. I still find that painful to watch.