Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Muskrat Lovely

I watched a really funny documentary on Independent Lens last night called Muskrat Lovely

It was about the Miss Outdoors beauty pageant in a small town back east. One of the contestants skinned a muskrat for her "talent"! (there's nothing too gross on the website, it is PBS after all, but still, children might not want to view this.) Check out the website, and click on the tab for Quirky Pageantry to see other small town pageants.

Here is a question of film maker Amy Nicholson from the Q&A section of the webpage. Her answer is probably why I liked this film so much:

What impact do you hope this film will have?
I hope that what happens to people who watch the film is what happens to me when I go somewhere where I suddenly find myself outside of my own little world. Usually what seems ridiculous or insane at first doesn’t seem that way after you get to know it. I also hope they have a laugh and come away with some knowledge of a really beautiful and interesting part of the country.

She likes to go outside of the bubble.

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