Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hunting season ends

Big game hunting season has ended now here in the state of Washington for modern firearms. Archery season is now back open. Yesterday I got a very nice whitetail buck. Most likely I won't ever get a bigger one. Not one part of this animal will go to waste.

For those who would find this offensive, can't or don't understand, I apologize. There is a movie you should see. I think it is called Fast Food Nation. I haven't seen it in all honesty, but want to. Have a problem with the meat in your local store first. And keep this in mind; far more deer are killed by cars (people driving cars) than by hunters each year.

There are two types of animal meat that we can eat. Wild and domestic. Wild game needs to be managed. Yes there are those who give hunting a bad name. Like our Vice President. I can assure you,.if I get caught shooting my hunting partner in this state I will certianly loose my hunting rights. But I know that this admin is above the laws. At the very least, Dick should go back to hunter safety class. "Be sure of your target and beyond." That is what you learn in hunter safety... Dick.

Anyway I'm very happy that I got this deer. I'm going to butcher it myself. Plus I'm going to have it mounted as it is trophy quality. If you ever get a chance go to Glacier Park in Montana, go into Lake McDonald Lodge. The vintage mounts are some of the coolest things about the lodge. The people responsible for seeing that Glacier became a park were into big game hunting, Game management allows this tradition to continue. Or we could all eat at McDonalds and close our eyes to where the grey stuff they call meat comes from.

I stopped at the voluntary game check station. The game warden was a little jealous I think. He is on the right with the clipboard and orange vest. He asked me a lot of questions including how many hours I hunted this year. I didn't hunt that many hours this year, and he acted like I was lucky. But over the years I've hunted countless hours in my area to know what to do.

(notice the International Hunt Club decals on my camper. I'm unit 47)

They were pretty excited to see my buck at the game check station. When I opened my camper door they said "go and get the camera, we've got a nice one here". They photographed it, measured it's antlers and jaw, and took a tooth out of it. This photo is of the game biologist checking out my buck. He was a cool guy.


Anonymous said...

What did they want a tooth for? Does the tooth fairy leave extra money for deer teeth?

I like the taste of wild game. And I haven't had hamburger in quite a while. I've been eating well enough for long enough that fast food makes me sick.

PS: You got a pretty buck!

don said...

One reason they take the tooth is to monitor the health of the deer and the deer population as they sample each one checked. They check for a number of diseases and health related issues. I think it also tells them about growth and diet.

Then they can decide how best to manage the animals, when to open and close seasons and so on. I think they do a good job.

I guess I shouldn't have been so hard on that one guy. I got the impression he didn't like his job. I'm going to edit the post.

And thanks. It's going to look nice with my antelope mount. Got to keep my place looking western.