Monday, November 27, 2006

Into the cold

I'm taking off my bike helmet and hunting hat and putting on my ski helmet. Thinking about going up on the mountain this week to get to know my giant slalom skis again. It'll be cold up there probably about 10 to 15 F because it will be clear out. Inbetween snow storms. That's when I like being on the slopes. When it is snowing you can't go very fast as you can't see very far, and the snow is slow, It's dangerous unless you go slow when it's snowing. But it should be clear out and the snow should be hard and fast and that's the way I like it.

I realize that bicycle log hasn't had much to do with cycling lately. I finished the season with over 1300 recorded miles, and probably had close to my goal of 1500 but didn't have batteries in my speedos for a while in the spring. Other than my recent back issues I'm in pretty good shape despite the fact that I think I'm coming down with a cold. My knees are in good shape as is my right shoulder which I injured in a crash racing two years ago. So if I can get up on the mountain and start making turns then after several days I should be ready to get back into the gates.

I've been wanting to start a ski specific blog but not sure about that now since my bicycle log morphed into something else. Plus my cat has been wanting to start a blog. So we will see. I see that right now she has gotten into her sleeping bag. Yes my cat has her own sleeping bag.


Anonymous said...

Zicam is excellent for colds.

What would your cat write about? Or does she just like typing?

don said...

My cat might disclose too much about how we live so I'm not sure she can have a blog. She always wants to be on the computer at the same time I do.

I've tried Zicam in the past, but heard that the kind you take in your nose can take away your sense of smell? Heard that on the news.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I never heard that! I take the quick-dissolve tablets. You put one in your mouth and it dissolves. It tastes lots better than chalk, but it has the texture of chalk. Better than being sick though.

Cats are always sneaky like that. I would watch out for her! She might start a blog behind your back! :) Maybe if you give her lots of hugs she'll withhold the tell-all.