Monday, November 13, 2006

Rice and potatoes

The last thing I did yesterday when I left the woods was bend over and take off my boots to put on my snow mocks for the two hour drive home. When I bent over I pulled a muscle in my lower back. A week ago I had injured my back in the same place and I guess it hadn't healed up all the way. The thirteen miles out of the woods were pure torture as was the rest of the drive.

I got home and hooked up electricity to the camper so I could unload what I had to get out of it. Then the wind came. At night it was radical. This is kind of a high wind area at times where I live. But this was pretty bad.

In the morning the electricity in the house was out and I could barley crawl out of bed or even turn over as my back was so bad. The first thing I did was try and get dressed. It's amazing how one little thing can compromise you. I put my snow mocks back on and went out to the camper to get my flaslights. I have this coleman battery lantern that I needed in my bathroom, plus I turned the propane on in the camper and started a pot of coffee in it. The nice thing about having a camper is that you can move into it if you have to.

I saw that a section of my fence got blown down and the wolf dogs from next door were out. I saw the last one running off. It looked back at me with it's toung haning out as it trotted off. My neighbors have wolf hybrids. It's a strange thing, the relationship they have with their "dogs". I'm going to post about the dogs in my neighborhood soon.

I came home at lunch and the electricity was back on. I warmed up the rice bag that my manager (who is a woman for the record) gave me in the microwave and layed down on the couch and watched Charlie Rose with this hot rice bag on my sore spot.

Then I watched Paula's Home Cooking on the Food Channel. She made three extremely fattening dishes and used almost 2 sticks of butter! At one point she fondled the butter! One of the things she made was a baked potato "patata" and used 1/3 stick of butter along with some sour cream and thick sliced bacon. WTHeck! Then she ate it, but first she looked it over real close. Said she had to "make love to it"! My Gosh! She scared me more than the wolf dogs. Don't get between her and her patata.


The Wordpecker said...

Sorry to hear about your back. Hope you get back on your feet soon and away from television cooking shows.

Do you think Paula Deen is a cardiac outpatient? Maybe they already replaced her arteries with garden hose. Who eats like this?

Here in Canada we have free medical so you won't find her on any TV station (I caught her show on, um, a friend's illegal satellite dish.) I'm not normally in favour of censorship but c'mon, bad food is a crime and she's killing her viewers one recipe at a time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your back! Back problems are strange in that you really have to concentrate on relaxing, or else the muscles just stay tense and unhappy.

I used to have a white wolf hybrid, weirdly enough she had the sweetest temperment of any dog I've seen. She would try to be a lap dog and personal bodyguard (not that I really needed one, but if she wanted the job. . . ). Must be the pack instinct.

You know what happens when people don't get enough social contact growing up? They turn into butter-fondling, potato-love-making weirdos.

Anonymous said...

Want to know what the best thing is for your kind of ailment? Alternate heat and cold. Put a heating pad on for half an hour, nothing for fifteen minutes or so, then ice for half an hour. Repeat the procedure for as long as you have time.

Took care of my hip... for the most part.


don said...

Thanks all for the concern about my back. I'll live. It does make me think about those who suffer and won't get better like the soldiers who get wounded, and people young and old who deal with real health issues that won't ever go away. So I'm thankful. Even if it never goes away it isn't like I had my face or legs blown off.

Yes that Paula was over the top yesterday. I still haven't come to terms with what I saw on that show.

The wolf dogs next door do seem to be nice dogs. I'm kind of glad they are back there as they raise heck if someone walks back there, including me.

And yes, my manager told me the same thing about heat and cold. I had the rice bag for the heat but no cold thing.