Thursday, November 02, 2006

New CDs

I broke down and bought the new Vince Gill, "These Days" CD set. $23.99 plus tax. There are 4 CDs in the set and each one has a theme. The first one is pop/ country and the last one bluegrass. And some country cry and twang in the middle. The recording quality is awesome as you might expect from Gill and MCA Nashville. It's good country comfort music. Makes you feel glad that you're sad. I'm not crazy about the darn box it came in and that's my only complaint. It's hard to get the individual CDs out while driving or they all just fall out. I'd rather just have 4 regular CD holders. What the heck.

The other CD I bought is Tony Bennett and k.d. lang, "A Wonderful World". It's not new, but the reason I bought this was because it was on sale. $9.99. It's good, not great but good. I guess it was k.d. lang's birthday yesterday or the day before. This week anyway. She's 44. And Tony Bennett,.. the only clothes you'll see him in is a black suit or tux. The guy doesn't know the meaning of the word casual. He looks pretty darn good for being 80. I guess he will collaborate with Madonna on NBC for his birthday celebration. I hope she doesn't try to adopt him.


Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't like the box, it likely accounts for 90% of the cost. Seeing as how I'm not a fan of country music, I'm thinking the box would have to be freaking sensational for me to part with $23.99 plus tax. Maybe it would make a nice candy dish....

On another note - Tony Bennett, what an icon. Voice like velvet!

don said...

The box has no value except to sort of contain the CDs. But Vince Gill is pretty sensational considering CDs often only have one or two songs that you like. This is a pretty good effort. 43 new songs and I liked most of them.

I don't think I could go on living without a little steel guitar now and then.

Tony Bennett is cool. k.d. lang has a pretty smooth voice also.