Friday, January 05, 2007

Bad and good news

First the bad news: My pellet insert that goes in the fireplace in my front room is dead, and they say they can't fix it. It's a drag because I really liked it. Just put some pellets in it and light it and you got a nice little flame and it really heated my whole living area and almost no mess. So for now I'm just going to turn it back into a fireplace. It's way more of a mess though. I'm going to get some glass doors so the sparks don't come out. I also have a wood stove in my basement. I also have electric heat. That's the bad news. Could be worse I guess. I have plenty of wood.

The good news is that I'm going to the U.S. Figure Skating Championships that will be here in Spokane. We did some graphics related to it. I didn't design anything but I did get to work on the project. The little logo on the right represents the Monroe Street Bridge in Spokane that goes over the Spokane River (squiggly blue line). It's kind of the Spokane logo if you will. At least the bridge is. I'm going to the opening ceremony that has the pairs short program and also the championship pairs finals.

It is snowing heavily now and I guess there are lots of accidents on the freeway. I'm probably not going up on the mountain tomorrow as it would be difficult/ dangerous in a storm, Plus they close some of the lifts if it is windy. I will probably try out my new cross country skis on some groomed trails at Farragut State Park in Idaho. About a half hour's drive from my house. Even in a storm I can deal with that for a while. Farragut is a really beautiful place, and it's right outside my back door. (It's well inside my bubble.)



Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous! I really enjoy watching figure skating on T.V. I'm sure it's more incredible to watch live.

Sorry to hear about your fireplace. My parents have a wood and coal burning stove in their home in Utah; it's quite messy.

I have bad news too; the family dog died Saturday sometime. :(

don said...

I've never been a huge fan of figure skating as I always thought they showed too much of it in the winter olympic coverage compaired to skiing and some of the other sports. I love to watch gymnastics on the other hand perhaps because I know more about the scoring.

It will be cool to see it in person however. And I got some of the best tickets. So I'm pretty excited.

I'm sorry to hear about your dog.