Sunday, January 28, 2007

Concrete condo

I was on the mountain both days this weekend. Saturday was a bluebird day with not a cloud in the sky. I skied well and got my lowest times. Today I got some one on one instruction from one of the fastest ski racers on the mountain and is also a juniors coach. That was a bonus because instruction like that can really cost you. So I got two runs with him and didn't even ask. Now I have some things to work on.

Someone built this really cool condo on the mountain. It's industrial looking. Just all concrete on the outside with some steel decks. It has a flat roof, and I thought that is kind of questionable as there is so much snow up there. But it has a system that drains through the building. I still think it's questionable. They had an open house so I decided to take a look before I came home.

The heating was in the floor and the flooring was cork in the front area. It had a gas fireplace. Many walls on the inside are also concrete, and the ceiling is metal trusses on the upper level. It kind of had a loft look. Plus they made it all turn key with furniture. They did a nice job on that. It had a soaking tub like the one I have here at my house, and also a small sauna. The photo makes it look warmer than it actually looked. You can't see the grey concrete walls in this shot. There was also a nice exercise room and ski storage room.

I didn't care for the counter tops. They could have left out the furniture and put in nicer counter tops, but I didn't tell the gal that. She and her husband built the condos. I guess you could change that. The same was true about the bathroom. Concrete counter tops would have been perfect in there. The top unit had an electric stove top with hidden burners. I don't care for those. The lower unit had gas stove top and if you cook, that's what you really want. The ovens were also too complicated. Think about it,.. a knob that sets the temp is what you want and nothing more, not a display that is hard to read and navigate. I get enough of that at work. I do a lot of cooking and I didn't want to tell her that I hated the ovens, and if you have the money to buy this then it really wouldn't be an issue, as you could change it all, but she was acting like they were selling points.

The back bedroom kind of looked like a prison cell. (except for the nice bed) That could be a good thing :) Just kidding! I'm standing in the kitchen area in this photo and the gas fireplace is on the left infront of the sofa. It was slick, and cost $465k per unit. It gave me some design ideas.


Diane said...

Only $465K? You could buy half a house here for that much! :)

(And it would have a real roof and nice countertops)

Oh, come now Don. I wouldn't want to be doing. . . bedroom things. . . in a prison cell. ;)

don said...

I know, that is a resonable price. People sell modest houses in California and then move up here and get something nice.

Yeah the back bedroom did have an S&M feeling to it. :) I should have taken a photo.