Thursday, January 25, 2007

When I go away

I have to take a short break from my coverage of figure skating to sort a few other things out. They are very important.
Well at least they are on my mind right now.

I never liked Tom Hanks that much. Splash was a good movie however. (It was Hanks in Splash wasn't it?) But I've never been crazy about Forest Gump. There is one scene in Forest Gump however that I've been thinking about for all of these months that I've been blogging, and that's the scene in which he is running and running. He has all of these people following him, running along with him. Then all of a sudden he stopps running and turns and says. "I'm done running now.", and then just walks away in the other direction.

I've always thought that's the way I'll quit blogging. I'll just stop and say, "I'm done blogging now." And then just stop...

Or, the other scenerio is that I'll be forced to stop, kicked out of office like Nixon. But instead of a helicopter, I'll go away in a Hyundai. A small difference. I'd give a speech in that case, but I'm sure they won't let me.

I had to switch to beta from the old version of blogger. I resisted because new things aren't always good things. New Coke wasn't that good for example.

Ok there's that.

The skating was ESPN2 tonight and has been the last three nights. I didn't realize that. I just thought they were recording it. So I might have been on TV last night. You don't see much of the crowd. Women's finals will be on Saturday live on ABC at 4 eastern if you want to watch that. I'm pretty sure it will be on ESPN2 tomorrow live also.


The Wordpecker said...

Run Forrest! Run!

To borrow a phrase from the movie, life will never be the same once you've looked outside of the bubble. OK I bastardized it a bit, but the sentiment remains...

don said...