Tuesday, January 09, 2007

High winds

They are saying that we will have winds up to 60 mph again here tonight. We had them up to 67 mph the other night and it was windy all weekend. I'm getting to the point that I don't notice the wind if it is less than 45 mph. It really bothered me when I first moved here mostly for cycling. Now when I go on tours I hear people complaining about the wind and I'm like "what wind?".

The bad thing now however is that when it gets this windy they close the ski lifts. The chairs start to swing and automatically turn the lift off. Some of those chairs freak me out. Especially the old ones. I was on one with Jane one time and it broke down and we had to be lowered to the ground on a climbing rope. We were on a newer chair so it wasn't way off of the ground. It was far too high to jump however. Now they don't allow chairs to go as high off of the ground as they used to. Some of the old ones are crazy.

As soon as we get the next high pressure system and the sun comes out I'm going skiing for a few days. I'm in 1rst place (out of 4) in my division right now in recreational racing, which doesn't mean a whole lot. I will probably work my way in to the fastest division at some point as I'm right on the cut off of going into it and that's why I'm in 1rst. My times are about 1 second to 1.5 second off of the pace, so I'm right there. Still not sure if I want to do any "real" races.


Anonymous said...

Even if you don't do any "real" races, it sounds like you're having fun with it! (In spite of the wind)

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the time I was on a lift that had stopped for some unknown reason. As we waited for minutes that seemed to drag on, a skier on the chair ahead of us decided that jumping would be preferable to waiting. Bad call. The lift started up about 5 minutes after buddy took the leap. I skied past him as the medics were tending to his injured leg/s.

Congratulations on 1st place!

don said...

Thanks you guys :) But honestly, this is nothing to get too excited about.