Thursday, January 04, 2007

My cameras

Here is the camera I'm using now. Nikon no longer makes it. Nikon Cool Pix 5700. They have seperated the "cool pix" line from the SLRs. They don't make an SLR with a built in zoom lens like this anymore. I bought it second hand for $300 with a strobe. It sold new for over $700. One of the problem with digital SLRs that have removable lenses is that dust gets on the sensor. I saw this with a guy's Nikon D70. With film, every time you advance the film you get a clean surface. But with a digital camera if you take the lens off then dust can get on the sensor. Olympus came up with an untra-sonic thing that vibrates off the dust before each shot. But if the lens is built in then there is no problem. I'll probably get a new one in a couple of years or if this camera fails. But right now it's doing everything I need it to do. More than I need for work.

I also have a little Nikon point and shoot Cool Pix 5600. It's also a great little camera and I would highly recommend it. You can still get them but they no longer have it in their lineup. It was only $250 and it takes great photos, plus it's tiny. You can't go wrong with a Nikon if you are in the market for a digital camera. I don't think I'd buy any other brand. I have a Fuji SLR digital camera that works good indoors but not so good outside.

NIKON 5600


Anonymous said...

Plus you can take photos underwater with that 5600. That's too cool! (I have this fantasy that someday I'll go scuba diving)

don said...

That's right. I fogot about that. they make a plastic case for it. Honestly, it is a great little camera. The battery life on it is outstanding as well. It only takes 2 AA batteries, so I bought a charger with 4 Nickel Metal Hydride batteries and charge them all, use 2 of them, and when they konk out I throw the other 2 in. But I can go for ever on the first 2. (days and days of shooting outside) NMH batteries work way better than over the counter and better for the environment and last for years.

The trick is to disable the flash when shooting outside, (which this camera allows you to do) That way the strobe isn't being charged. So I always turn the flash off unless I need it. Then the batteries last forever.

Otherwise every time you turn the camera on, the first thing it does is charge the strobe even when it doesn't need it for the exposure. And that is what drains the batteries. The screen doesn't take much power on this camera.

The nice thing is that the flash stays off when you turn it off until you turn it back on. (even if you turn the camera of and on)

Being able to turn the flash off was really important to me. It's also important to me to have a view finder. Some of the new little cameras make you look at the screen. There is some parallax however using the viewfinder mostly in macro/ close up.

When I bougth this camera I looked at everything in that price range and it was the best. I use it more than my other two SLRs as it is so handy. I took Miss November and Miss December with it. Still looking for Miss January. :)