Monday, January 29, 2007

Hot potatoes

I went to Barnes and Noble today and bought a book called Reading Lolita in Tehran And I also bought a CD by Regina Spektor

I did listen to a little of the CD on my way back to work but I have to say that it's something I'm going to have to consume for a while before I come to conclusions about it.

I can't think of anything else tonight so here is a really strange dream I had the other night.

In my dream, (I know, I started with a preposition, but it sounds better this way) I went to a meeting at a fairgrounds building. I was in this building with other people waiting for instruction. These people were making small talk and sitting around on lunchroom tables. There was dirty orange shag carpet on the floor. I brought with me one of those plastic milk crates full of old potatoes. They were rotten potatoes. I don't know what I was doing with that. Nobody came to give us instruction so we ended up leaving one by one. As we were leaving all of these old western cowboy people were showing up for a square dance convention or something. Old men and women in cowboy hats and vests and such. My potatoes were starting to get hot. They were crackling in the crate. I was looking for a dumpster to throw them away in on my way out of the fairgrounds. As I was walking out, and all of these old people were coming in, I passed a bathroom. I put the crate of potatoes down and asked an old guy to watch them for me while I went to the bathroom. When I came back out my potatoes were on fire and lots of old people were standing around watching them burn.

It burned the path that had some sort of tile on it and made a big mess. So one old guy said "you're going to have to talk to Levi about this." I was a little ticked off that nobody moved them off of the path or tried to put them out. So I said "Ok where is Levi?" "He's down over there in that house." So I went to the house and there was a porch with more old people who were related to Levi I guess and I asked to see him. "Go inside, he's down in the basement, but he don't come up." "You'll have to talk to him through the heat vent." Well I thought that was a little strange. There was a hole in the floor where they had removed a vent and down in the dark basement was this old guy. "You Levi?" I asked. "Yep, what do ya need?" "Well I'm very sorry about this, but I put my potatoes down on the path and they caught on fire and damaged the tile." I said. "We'll go take a look." he responded. "I thought you didn't come out of the basement?" I said. "I've got a golf cart." Levi said.

So I went outside and here he came in the golf cart from around back. We rode out to the spot where the potatoes had caught on fire, and kind of got to know eachother on the drive. He was a pretty nice old guy. We got to the spot and Levi looked it over. "Oh it aint that bad." he said. "Just don't do it again." It was a relief as I thought I was going to have to pay for the tile.


Megan said...

that is a strange dream!

don said...

Yes it is a strange dream. Now and then I have a really strange one. My normal ones are the broken tooth dream, the I forgot I was in that class and now it's time for the mid-term dream, and the bear chasing me in the dark dream. But now and then I have one that is way outside of the bubble.

The Wordpecker said...

Hmmmm. Bet you won't find that one in a dream book.

If want to look, you can check out and see what they say.