Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Out of a box

I can always tell when Super 1 Foods has a cereal sale. The parking lot is packed. People can save a buck on a box of cereal, and they come in hoards to do so. I went into the store to get my regular groceries and ended up buying a box of Cheerios. One serving of Cheerios is 1 cup for adults. I can eat 1 cup of Cherrios in nothing flat and not even feel like I ate anything. One serving also includes 1/2 cup of skim milk. I always buy skim milk but they add sugar to it to make up for the lack of taste and sugar turns to fat. But I've digressed. 1 cup of Cherrios has 10 percent of the sodium we need for the day. I can't taste any salt in it at all. I can get by on very little but I need at least twice that much for breakfast and that is if I don't plan on skiing or cycling until lunch. It's only 100 calories. I think Jack Lalanne had it right. Don't eat anything out of a box.

I heard on the radio or TV recently that if you want to make your blog interesting then don't talk about what you had for lunch. Something like that. I totally disagree. I think food is very interesting. I love cooking and love food. Who doesn't?

I recently learned how to properly cook rice. I love rice, but I went all of this time goofing it up so I didn't eat it. One of my hunting parteners showed me how to cook rice while way up in the woods last fall. He learned how to cook it from an Iraqi family in his neighborhood. What you do is boil a lot of water. Then put some rice in and let it boil for about 10 min. You just need way more water than rice. Then drain off the water then set the stove to low and put a towel over the top of the pot and then put the lid on, and then go for another 10 min. The towel absorbs the remaining water and the rice turns out perfect. Duh. But nobody ever taught me. Now I have rice all the time.

I really need to talk about the US Ski Team. It will have to wait for my next post.


Anonymous said...

What a great way to cook rice!

I have a rice cooker; I used to cook rice on the stovetop but the rice cooker makes it foolproof.

There are lots of food and cooking blogs. I think we're naturally programmed to eat.

I like Cheerios, and Raisin Bran. I would think a balanced breakfast would be around 200-300 calories, though. I don't like the taste of skim milk but I like organic reduced fat milk (organic milk tastes different than regular). I justify the extra expense because I'm not feeding an army.

don said...

I thought about getting a rice cooker but I'm running out of counter space. Even though you have a rice cooker, give that teqnique a try sometime. But make sure that towel you use to absorb the water wasn't dryed with a dryer sheet. The scent of the dryer sheet will get in the rice.

I like Rasin Bran too. Tomorrow I have a bagel for breakfast. The safeway here makes outstanding bagels.

I'm going to poach an egg also. I love doing that. I put vinager and sea salt in the boiling water and then swirl the water and drop the egg in. It spinns around as it cooks and looks like a planet. Who says you can't play with your food! :)