Thursday, January 25, 2007

Don't try this at home

Here are more photos from pairs short program. This guy's costume had a fishnet opening on his arm. I had to deduct a few style points for that! Don't try wearing this outfit at home. At least not if you live in Montana! The length some guys will go to to get the ladies :) She probably put him up to it. "I bought you something today honey...It would really make me happy if you'd wear it tonight..."

I'm just kidding. These guys were great. A plain black shirt would have been better though,..well ok, a few sequins I guess,...but just a few.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I see. I'm not digging the fishnet sleeve either.

I don't know why women are constantly trying to feminize men. "Feminized" men aren't going to understand women any easier than "normal" men.

Her outfit, on the other hand, is fantastic. :)

don said...

My sister was talking to one of the Junior Dance parents, who said that one of those costumes can be $1k or more, and I think they only wear it once or so. I imagine the fishnet outfit looked better on the drawing board.

The whole event was eye candy.

One cool thing they did was that they had some memebers of the symphony come out on the ice and play while some skaters danced. That was really cool and sounded great.