Monday, February 05, 2007

Form changes

I fell in the rankings to 6th in recreational ski racing, as more guys got closer to the cut off point. On Friday, I fell on the ice getting into my car and I jammed my thumb, so I decided to take it easy skiing as I didn't want to hurt my thumb worse. I've been forcing myself to use FIS legal Giant Slalom skis so I'd be used to them. So I decided to switch to my non FIS legal skis. They are ok for this venue however. They have a shorter radius and are softer so they turn easier and forgive mistakes but they aren't as powerful. I took one run but I didn't try to go fast. The gates were set really tight and the skis worked really well so it was a good choice. I did stand up at the end of my run to slow down before I went through the timing however, and I ended up getting the 5th fastest time of the day. I missed 3rd fastest by a couple of hundredths. I didn't even try. Thinking back on it I kind of wish I had just gone for it. But I wanted to play with the times and see if I could control my result to some extent. I wanted to be a second and a half off of the lead and I did almost exactly that.

Perhaps I'm trying too hard when I go for it. No doubt it helped to change my attitude and skis. Plus I think the instruction I got the last weekend is working. It's changing my form a little but for the better, and like anything, when you first make a change it feels wierd but now I'm starting to get comfortable with the changes. I spent all of the rest of the time working on those changes while free skiing. I think next weekend I'll just keep using these skis but I'm not going to hold back anymore. My boots felt loose however. So I'm going to buy some new thicker socks and I hope that does the trick.

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