Friday, February 16, 2007

Went skiing

I took the day off and went skiing. Here is what it looked like. It was a blue bird day. The snow was frozen and hard after several days of rain and wet snow. I took three pairs of skis and one of them worked well. I thought it would warm up enough to soften the backside of the moutain but that really didn't happen. So that's good in a way. I had been worried that all of the snow we have is melting away in the above freezing air but that istn't the case. It is after all over 6k feet up there. I wish it was higher.

Anyway there was racing tonight, and I did take a pair of race skis, but I forgot to scrape the wax off of one of them. Duh. (you melt the wax on the skis and then iron it in and then scrape it off and then brush it.) Well I finished one ski but not the other. I tried to use my window scrapper but it wasn't sharp enough. And plus, all day of skiing on ice had taken a tole on my legs and on my left knee. All day I never felt like I could hook it up with enough strength on my left side, especially at the end of the day. So anyway those skis will still be fresh for tomorrow.

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