Wednesday, February 07, 2007

If I could travel

I can't get any time off of work even though I saved all of my vacation for skiing. Perhaps next week. If I could go anywyere and could afford to go outside of the bubble I'd go to Eurpoe. I'd go to the Alpes and go skiing, and then I'd check out museums in Italy and France. That would be my first choice vacation If I could choose because I would want to get that out of the way. My second trip would be to Russia. I can't really explain my interest in Russia. When I was growing up I just couldn't understand the cold war, why the other half of the world had to be our enemy. It just didn't make sense. I've gotten to the point with the script that some signs make sense to me. So If I did go to Russia I wouldn't be at a total loss. I still couldn't say a whole lot and probably wouldn't understand much of what was said to me. If I went to France I would be at a total loss when it came to the language. Italy wouldn't be quite as bad as France. Travel for me right now is out of the question. I can't even get a day off.


Diane said...

Europe is really cool; at least I enjoyed it when I was there.
Might I recommend Amsterdam over France? There are lots of art museums in Amsterdam, most of the people speak English well, and they're not snooty like the French. (Although I'm probably biased)

I'm sure Russia still has some good parts left in it; the Cold War can't have taken everything good away.

I'd love to go back to Italy. Switzerland would be good too. I'd also like to see parts of South America, namely Peru and Argentina. I'd also like to go on a bicycle tour of Japan and explore China and Taiwan more.

I do have vacation time saved (almost a week!), but I have no money. :(

GrewUpRural said...

I would love to go to Europe. My first choice would have been Germany. Would have been is key here. German food is high in what? Gluten! I always wanted to visit Germany as I am half German and half Dutch.

Now knowing that food is a problem, I figured somewhere in Portugal and Spain would be great. The best country in Europe for me to visit would be Sweden. Many people in Sweden are gluten intolerant.

There is a problem with traveling to Europe and Canada for me though. The gluten guidelines are not as strict as they are here in America. In Europe and Canada, a product can say gluten-free but it actually has 100ppm of gluten in Europe and 20ppm of gluten in Canada.

don said...

I envy you Diane! A bicycle tour sounds cool. I've thought about that in Southern France or Northern Italy.

Grewuprural, I would like to go to Germany too Southern Germany mostly in the mountains, or along the Rhine.

Megan said...

i have only been to england and wales, but would love to travel more of europe and many places in south america!

don said...

England would be cool too. I'd like to go to Scotland and go as far north as possible and stay out in the country in an old stone building along the coast.

The far south of south america would be ok for me where it's cold like Patagonia or someplace where you can trek in the mountains or ski.