Thursday, February 22, 2007

Make safe decisions

I usually don't talk about work for a reason, but I did enjoy knowing what Wordpeckers day was like, so I'll do this in the most general of terms. It will give a little insight into what my day was like.

We made a bunch of graphics that go on the sides of Semi Tractors and trailers. The trailers are over 50 feet long. Great big pictures of a food product You might have seen them actually. It's really cool. I'm sorry that I can't show you any photos, and I took photos when we were there. Anyway one trailer had some issues and so my boss had to go out of town to take a look and she asked me to go. It's at a place with truck drivers and mechanics and I think she just wanted me along as she as an attractive woman, and well who knows. A beautiful woman walking into a trucker workshop like that. All of the guys were checking her out. I thought they actually gathered to check her out. I'm sure it was the highlight of their day. And there I am, body guard.

It snowed all the way there and all the way back and it is in the mountains and forest. I was happy to get out of the office for a road trip but it was a bad day to be driving that road. We talked about small towns and growing up and that sort of thing. So that was my day. It was nice to get out of the office.

It snowed all day and is snowing right now. I backed out of doing a USSA ski race this weekend. Partly due to the weather. A friend of mine and I were going to take our campers up into the parking lot for the races. It's really not the place I want to be in a snow storm with my camper, and I'm not really comfortable skiing a flull lenght Giant Slalom in a storm. It's bad enough when it is clear out. It's just too dangerous. Plus they didn't have a training day for Slalom and that is what I was most interested in this time. So I pulled out before I paid. Tomorrow is the Super G which is a lot like Downhill. You get going about 60 mph. And that is also not something you want to do in a a snow storm. Who knows they might cancel the SG. But usually they will run it if at all possible.

So I'll just go up and take my powder skis. There is a foot of new snow since last weekend. In a ski race you spend a bunch of money to do it and then stand around forever waiting for your turn to go. Ok, I'm trying to justsify not racing,.. but I just had a bad feeling about it. That's not the time to ski race. At least not for me as I have nothing to gain, and only do it for fun. I used to have a sticker on the tip of my ski that said; Make Safe Decisions. They are words to live by.


The Wordpecker said...

Glad you shared a "day in the life outside of the bubble."

I figure that since working people spend most of their waking hours at the office, it's kind of hard to avoid writing about work.

Field trips are always fun! They were fun at school and now that we're all grown up, they're fun when they find their way into our work day.

"Make Safe Decisions." Seems like that should be on the side of a semi! Good for you for following your instincts.

don said...

I'd love to be able to write about the people I work with and the situations we get into. It isn't possible except in general terms, and something I need to avoid. I might end up criticizing someone when I need to be supportive. It is tempting however.